Googles new “Snippets” feature now provides a ‘Google’ hand-picked result based on what ‘Google’ would prefer you see on top. 


When doing Google searches, we have gotten used to seeing short cuts or sneak peaks within our browser before even clicking a site.  In theory this can save us time and clicks but if these time saving short cuts can be used to feature lower ranked or biased search results on top of legitimately algorithm ranked organic results, then we have and issue.


Do you think Burger King should be the consulted source to describe what a “Big Mac” really tastes like?

Should Ford be the source to discuss Chevrolet safely standards? 

Do you think the ACLU should be to source for information that defines what “Intelligent Design” is?

Can you see the basis for bias?


Bad news is this is what’s happening today.

Good news is that you can do something about it.


In the bottom right corner of this screen shot you can hit the Feedback tab.

Google Snippet Biased
Google Snippet Biased

Let Google know how this appears to you.  Does this seem impartial or use Google bias?








8 thoughts on “Google’s Dangerous New Search Feature “Snippets”

  1. Fred Molenar says:

    5-22 ACLU doc had just 2 arguments that ID uses
    1 No transitional fossils-
    2 Irreducible Complexity – Mouse Trap- They use Discovery Institute’s Michael Behe explanation “irreducible complexity”

  2. What i think he is referring to is a description of organisms that are so complex that they could not come into existence gradually. He uses a mousetrap as an example: a mousetrap has many different parts, and if one of them did not work, you wouldn’t have an inferior mousetrap, rather your mousetrap would not work at all. Therefore, the mousetrap couldn’t work at all until all the parts were in place. In biology, structures that don’t function are weeded out by natural selection, so Behe concludes that complex biological systems must have been designed with all their parts in place as well.

  3. 29.95 for 3 DVD set “Design of Life” ID collection 22.45
    Origin- has HD great trailers
    Unlocking the mystery of Life – y ou t ube trailer looks very old and I can get all 1hr 30 min on y out ube
    The Priveleded Planet—Old we have…
    Where Does the Evidence Lead
    Icons of Evolution has lots of DVD for about $12ea- IT also has thousands of lil artiles that contain facts about bugs, anphibians etc that have amazing features like bees.
    ??Most compelling evidence… changing society, donations, good will.

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